16 April 2010

~Did u know?~

♥Salam mommmiesss....

Today, i would like to present about care in breast feed... Ewah... Hehehe... ni ade sikit info untuk ibu2.. especially untuk mummyHaza yang sering lalai lupe..

♪♪   Make sure our baby is latching on to the full areola and not on the nipple, because bila baby sucks on the nipple it will get sore and hurt very fast,,, aduhh.. sakit kan...

♪♪  Apply wet & warm compresses 3-5min b4 breastfeeding to help the milk to flow..  

♪♪  Make sure baby can breathe properly while breastfeeding especially time mummy jugak nak lentok.. haa.. bahaya nih.. jgn t'tido ye ibu2.. Feeding baby kita dulu, k.

♪♪  Ideally you should alternate the breast each time you breastfeed; at the beginning of a feed your baby sucks stronger and your breast adapts the production of milk to the sucking of your baby...

♪♪  Always wash your hands b4 start to breastfeed our baby.. penting ye..

♪♪  Don't use alcohol @other products on your breast because they could lead to irritation..

♪♪  To avoid infection & sore nipples, rub some drops of your own milk around the nipple area after you breastfeed & let them dry... berkesan tau mommies..

♪♪   Don't bottle-feed your baby additionally because this would lead him to drink less breast milk & thus less milk will be produced....

Haa.. most common reason for sore nipples is wrong latching...

Ok untuk hari ini....Jumpe di lain lembaran..

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