28 June 2010

~I'm 29..?

♥Salam mommies εïз..

Alhamdulillah...my age now 29yrs old.. i'm love wif cute fancy thing especially pink colour..ya sometimes people look at me wif kening ternaik..Im a type of person that love to smile & bounces around...hehehe ye ke? I'm a cheerful wife to beloved hubby and gorgeous mommy to 3 cute son...World... Alhamdulillah...

Thanks hubby, layan kehendak bu... walaupun kekadang ayah terpaksa tunggu dlm kete jaga anak2, ibu lak sibuk masuk kedai melompat2 beli barang2 cute ibu..I love uuu so muuccccchhh...

Thank ayah...AspireOne ni best..Luv u moreeee...muaaccchhh

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