29 October 2010



Hari ni uols lunch ape? Saya & member OT lunch kat sebelah centre jek, vegetarian shop. Sedap jugak especially Cappuccino Rose dia.. sodap aiihh.. i amk vege spaghetti, Rasa ok ler.. x habis sebab perut sebu.. :(

Ohh abaikan muka tuan punye blog yg semakin membolat dr hari ke hari...

Ini saya..ececeh.. 2 mangkok sup tu bukan saya punye ok!! ;p

Ini cappucinno Rose yg saya order! Nak lagi! Nak lagi!!

Ok.. Sedikit info benefit Rose Tea...

Rose tea is used to cure many ailments. Mix few dried petals or crushed petals to cup of boiling water. Let it boil for few minutes. Bring down the temperature and drain the mixture in a cup. Serve it warm or chilled.

This tea is used for many illnesses like:
  • Rose tea benefitsDrinking a cup of rose tea twice in day flushes out all toxic matter from the body.
  • The chilled tea is used to lower down the temperature of the body. That’s the reason; rose drink is the most favorite summer drink as it cools down the body.
  • Rose tea also soothes sore throat giving relief from irritation.
  • The infection that creeps in the digestive system is healed by two cups of rose tea daily. The vitamin C present in rose tea kills the bacterium that ruins the digestive tracts.
  • It helps in eliminating the waste from kidneys and thus improves the blood circulation.
  • Rose tea works amazing on diarrhea, gastric troubles and dysentery.
  • Crushed rose petals which are used in rose tea heal urine infection and mellow down the cramps that occur due to menstruation cycle.
  • Rose tea is an amazing remedy on depression and mood swings.
Selamat mencuba ye kawan2...

source dari sini yek..

Love sebakul petang Jumaat.. ^_^

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